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Kellan Lutz in hit and run incident

Kellan Lutz and-run incident involving pinkclusive.de

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Kellan Lutz

The Twilight performer Kellan Lutz is actually one of the stars who accept their celebrity and a continued allegiance to paparazzi around them as part of the business. Unlike Robert Pattinson heard him whine or constantly stressed, because it mimics. And it is time to bunt him, he just takes a little time, and travels across Europe to escape the media hype.

heard somewhere but also for the vampire hunk of fun, namely when he goes to his own body. As this reason, the police just after an incident in the last Kellan filming this July is supposed to have happened in Montreal. A photo-reporter is said to have approached the actor for his persecution. Now it became known that these are recognized by the photographer Richard Fedyck, the injured at the hunt on this almost Kellan Lutz.

The celebrity Clippers stressed again and again, like he was anything but an ordinary paparazzo, the stars treat them with respect and never get too close. However, this is not the first physical attack, is involved in the Fedyck. 2006, there was already a heated discussion with Denise Richards, which he then verbally abused so badly that they threw his laptop from the next balcony. An unpleasant So guy - we can only hope that Kellan Lutz actually recovered by action and prepares the career of bad photographers an end.

yet, there is no official charge, but are you think Kellan Lutz should the photographer Richard Fedyck bring them to justice? source

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