Tuesday, April 27, 2010

January And New Jersey And Stomach Virus

The permanent anti-Semitic frenzy of Hezbollah

largely unnoticed by the 'israel critical' media, is gearing up in Lebanon, under a generous tolerance of the UN (the 'robust' mandate of UNIFIL troops provided inter alia, " arms supplies to prevent the Hezbollah "), the Islamic fascist terrorist group Hezbollah with Iranian and Syrian weapons to the next war against Israel:

"" More weapons and missiles than many government '"(Link )

To close with Gerhard Scheit:

"The zeal to undermine the Western notion of the sovereign as Israel attacked as enemies of the eternal peace of the peoples. Conversely, if the Jewish state lives defending those who continually threatened the anti-Semitic hatred, he is also defending that concept. It is the wonder, certainty with which the findings of Hobbes, Marx and Freud can explicate the accusation of madness, must implement the Israel Defense Forces every day in practice. " ( Link )


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