Sunday, May 23, 2010

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The German-European ideology of Barack Obama

no question that the European dream of a president in antagonistic conflict with the outlawed George W. Bush has long since turned out to be a nightmare for Barack Obama as the 'editorial Bahamas' has recently noted. The Democratic President and his administration to act out of deep conviction that the reservations against the United States from Old Europe, which in turn always hate when a Republican is in office, and the permanent hatred against the United States from the Islamic world in fact a reaction to American "unilateralism " (quote: 'Frankfurter Rundschau') were.

This is exactly what Obama has now - after over a year of chronic failures with his new foreign policy that is not new (remember you are about to Jimmy Carter or the foreign policy concepts of German-European dimension) - again reflexively expressed.

no wonder that Obama is in Old Europe, despite the virulent anti-Americanism still remains always suffered so much, while at home have been withdrawn from the voters' confidence long ago.

Barack Obama jumped when Tiger landed a throw rug. But there are also "Hope" (quote by Barack Obama). And indeed with regard to the 'Midterms' of November:

"As for conservatives, it's jobs in the day after dinner and tea parties, with hunting and church and patriotic parades on the weekends. . Not to mention a flourishing private sector To provide jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs to all the Pelosi Democrats voted out of office this November "(quote by William Kristol in ' Marx, Keynes, Pelosi - And why conservatives beg to differ. )

And to put it in the 'Bahamas':

"Yet despite the American nightmare for America to be too late: The Nobel Prize speaker says Europe, the need just wars takes on Edward Kennedy Senator chair a Republican Square and off the coast of Iran are American warships. In Phillip Roth's "Plot Against America" disappears shortly before Pearl Harbor the ghosts President Charles Lindbergh in his plane without a trace and the real story without pogroms and Nazi sympathies with Franklin Delano Roosevelt begins again. Obama you will have to endure another three years, but he will probably have what can only rationalize an anti-American as a conspiracy against the other America, the health reform or Islam: On 10 June 2009 asked the Daily Press of Virginia, Jeremiah Wright, whether he had spoken with Obama since he became president, whereupon he replied, "Them Jews is not gonna let him talk to me. [...] They will not let him talk to to somebody who calls a spade what it is ... I said from the beginning. He's a politician, I'ma pastor. He's got to do what politicians do "( Link )


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