Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sneaker Spray For Basketball Traction

Hello, my love!

Here's my recent experience with Icelandic:
My Sprachleherer is very nice. He's pretty chillig and makes no stress with learning. He carp never, and is also totally flexible. Among the appointments he makes about her skin no stress, since it will be almost always more like me. pretty cool, huh? Well, considering that it is my Sprachleherer a CD called "TalkNow" handlet are his great qualities as no surprise.
spite But the infinite flexibility of my voice teacher, I've learned something:
From me and the most important for me probably phrases and words (those who know me will confirm this proof): There was once probably the most important phrase: " Hvar eru kvennaklosette? "which means something like" Where is the ladies' room? "
closely followed by of vital word "coffee": "Kaffi" and "björ" (eh scho wissner ;-)). is not (Although I must say here that I björ is in Iceland are only available from march ... 21 and so on ...)
The pronunciation of the Icelandic words so easily, "Where is my suitcase" is to Example of Hvar eru ferdertschkdn (au) sh "(which is now written as we speak it.)
is a little confusing and that the nice man and the nice lady who audition pronounce the words, sometimes the same words differently .. . but good!

So, Icelandic is short for me a language that makes me laugh very often. It sounds like an oblique mixture of something Scandinavian, mixed with a little English, Russian and English. The German in such a simple word "please" as: "consists of the 5 Islänsischen! Words "Viltú gero svo vel", huh cool?

So, that's it for your first

kvöld god, Lisa


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