Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starving After Stomach Flu

So, so! Now
isas soon so far Adelheit!
Still 6 hours and I am going now the long journey to (hopefully) beautiful Reykjavik! With a stopover and a time not quite unremarkable stopover in Copenhagen, we are expected on 4 January at 4:00 in the morning at Keflavik. easy to remember ... might think so if one or the other to me and my colleague ... when we enter the first floor Icelandic ... oh man, now I'm pretty nervous. In the stress of the last days at home in the trusted Voitsberg I had no time for emotions such as excitement, anticipation and a bit of skepticism. But now, now they are there! So my tip to all who have these last days before the big trip ahead of it ... not too stressed out and spend time with your loved ones!
So, after this tip, I RECOURSE only one ...

wish you all a good and happy year 2008 and you on my newly purchased Skype to make name carefully: liserl365

Until next time, then even from Reykjavik

;-) Greetings, I!


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