Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green Eyed Mexicans How So?

A reason to learn French ...

which last year published is "de la Revolution francaise". In the work of the French Dominican, Renaud Escande the dark side of the oh-so-glorified French Revolution to be addressed.

particularly the preoccupation with the genocide in the Vendée has fascinated me. From these events I have experienced in my history classes never (despite that my history teacher was in high school and got great Jesuitenfan with the Habsburgs always shining eyes).

Last year even the world has this part of the French Revolution, devoted an article. It was to read, among other things the following letter from the year 1794:..

"My friend, I'll announce with great pleasure that the robbers are finally destroyed, the number of transported here robber can not be estimated at any moment come to new. Because the guillotine is too slow, and the shooting also takes too long and wasted powder and shot, you have to get resolved, each a number in large boats to ride in the middle of the river about half a mile outside the city, and sink the boat there. We will act diligently. "

And all because these people do not want the church policy and church destruction bow of the terrorist regime.

would I either get me the book this week at the Book Fair in Leipzig or I am waiting for the hopefully quickly published German edition.

Who of French is more powerful than me, for here was made to a radio discussion with the author .


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