Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spine Stabilization Exercises

Observations in Leipzig

Juhu, the first day with good weather. I pack up my camera immediately and take a few photos. In the woods with me around the corner I make pictures of early flowering plants, from the first buds of the wild garlic carpets that cover the floor. In the background, accompanied me to a concert of bird songs. I move on to the Evangelical Church of St. Mary in order to more quickly take some photos. WHAT TO T. ....???????? Who makes your beautiful that?? Color? Graffiti? Vandalism to a church?

Perhaps this picture but also fitting for the upcoming Holy Week. Jesus, despised, ridiculed. Yet he warns the sinner, and comforts those who repent. Perhaps a spiritual impulse, the best you can get out of such a peak power of stupidity.


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