Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lauren London Weave. What Type

Crisis as normal

The "Neue Zürcher Zeitung employed (e) with Urs Schoettli - besides the well at irregular intervals in the 'NZZ' publishing Florian Coulmas - probably one of the most distinguished (East) Asia experts in the German space (in this case seems to me the write-up 'expert' for one to be properly called). It illuminates many were his, with background information rich laden articles about life in Japan, which - in addition to South Korea - thanks to the Pax Americana, the only really constitutionally democracy in (East) Asia.

The experience and knowledge of 'NZZ' on So Japan is traditionally very strong. In today's feature, this tradition continues. The article " life in the Japanese winter - How the crisis to make life " examines in detail the production cost conditions of the so-called 'lost decade' in Japan and the handling and management of (economic) crisis.


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