Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Magnus nail of the "idea of communism" and the lot of the critic

"communism, it is suggested naive and conformist at the same time, is at bottom nothing but an endless merry group experience and a matter for the people. Who is contrary to, is a killjoy, or, as the now popular term of abuse is a critic .

The nature of the critic, it is applicable not to have and to transfer any small joy of their staleness. The critic is a notorious right partner, because he has notoriously right. Communist on the other hand it is today after prevailing opinion, even in the worst hallucinate the good, even in the weakest sense of an idea and still in the repetition of the same revolutionary spark. Anders can explain the melange of freedom rhetoric and reality denial is not distributed at the before last weekend commended on several "panels", the representatives of politics and culture in the people of Berlin stage under the label "communism" as a consensus-suited future prospects.


that was reported to it from all of them driven expulsion of the criticism of anti-Semitism in the national stage event in only some anti-German leaflets, makes clear how corrupt to the core of this notion propagated by communism. Apparently, the "idea of communism," which bore the title of the Congress, even only conceivable as authoritarian community project based on the exclusion of that non-identical, as its representatives have always figured the Jews. The illusory communism advised by the free association of individuals, the determinate negation of each term of community, now appears to be more euphoric cheered their authoritarian substitutes. Wherever the "idea of communism may be remembered even their friends can be seen growing only because they stay away from such events." (Link )


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