Friday, January 14, 2011

Difference Between Ringworm And Lyme Disease Rash

3000 was by Dr. De Reys & Moses

This patient, we have the first third of the head with transplanted 3000 grafts. He is now very happy and his life quality has increased dramatically, according to his own statements. He wants to consolidate in the future his tonsure.
Perhaps a few words about Megasesions with 3000 grafts via FUE:
Not every doctor is able to harvest 3000 grafts from a donor. to harvest 3000 grafts from a donor means that the physician has little opportunity transection (errors in sampling, cutting the follicles) to generate. Add to this that the most inexperienced hands Singelgraft from an original example of 3, 4 get out graft. Singelgraft are important for bringing the hairline behind the hairline, but little effect of density.
Ask your surgeon, therefore, how many patients he has treated with 3000 R & D in a procedure, and can show you the results.

Pre OP:

4 days post-surgery donor

14 days post-surgery

5 months Post OP


6 months after surgery (Wet)

The images were sent by patients directly to us. We have simply been deleted.


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