Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Bonne chance, Tunisie Libre!

The Middle East seethes. Will we witness a truly historic turning point, comparable to and following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of socialism in 1989? As already Thomas von der Osten-Sacken In his very readable 'Jungle World' article' The coming written insurgency 'is, "no other region in the world today objectively as ripe for fundamental change" as the Arab / Islamic region. Tunisia 2011 as the starting point is the democratic revolution in the Middle East, coupled with the ultimate requesting the Individuuen according to the universally applicable human rights? For the oppressed people in the Arab / Islamic despotisms hope this is essential. That the Left - with few exceptions - and now once again silent on the truly revolutionary operations in Tunisia and hopefully the existing unjust regimes in the region one sweep away once and for all, not surprised.

What Iraq in 2003 nor by the anti-fascist war, the United States against the fascist Baath regime and Saddam Hussein's Iraq began, in 2009 Iran's largest - for now unfortunately failed - revolts against the 'Islamic Revolution' gave, seems to now be repeated in Tunisia: The disposal of a hated regime in the dustbin of history.

The Middle East is to regulate when hopefully in a few years ago the rule of law structures the relationship between people and between the state and its citizens if democratic and free elections will be possible on a free Press will report critical when Mahmoud and Hassan do not have to fear for their lives if they mutually assure their love and if Fatma can express their sexuality openly and confidently, without a religious moralist will sit on their libido to court if trade , tourism and cultural exchange with Israel will be granted if the scientists will contribute solutions to the pressing problems of the world, when religion is privatized and civilized, and in the mosques, where gender segregation will be a maximum lifted once an ironic Word will be on the Prophet, if the countries of the Islamic and Arab world in the relevant development indexes long to the old Europe open will have when athletes will play from the Islamic world to the international title fights for medals and if the rulers will have long since been tried and fraternization with them left in old Europe long ago all meaning and will have lost relevance, hopefully another in which democracy, universal human rights, the primacy of the individual held up in front of the collective and rule in which prosperity and wealth.

Bonne chance, Tunisie


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