Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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the situation in the rogue state Libya

The change in the rogue state Libya is taking place, as was expected, unfortunately, very violent and bloody. How 'World Online' on the live ticker reports, says the Luxembourg Foreign Minister, even of a "genocide." From the ground according to 'World Online' assumption that "shoot civilians and children" of the dictator's henchmen were on Gaddafi.

that Gaddafi is an evil villain, is manifest with these events again. A new finding, however, it is not. He was already an evil villain, when he was the European left - led by the Social Democrat Jean Ziegler - the European rights - especially the national socialist Jörg Haider - that European governments - led by Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain and long period of time including Switzerland - and the 'international community' - in the form of the UN and particularly the UN Human Rights Council in which Libya occupied an important role had - have been courted and socially acceptable.

Only the U.S. has taken Gaddafi back in the 80s in an act of active anti-fascism as the anti-Semitic and anti-American tyrant in the crosshairs, he is, as Ronald Reagan left the bomb Gaddafi's Palace in Tripoli.

Now, however, we witness how the diskredidierte political in every sense of old Europe (and with it the politically denounced in every sense of European left - the silent, of course, once again the barbaric operations in the rogue state Libya) failed once more, in the neighboring North Africa barbarism, murder and mayhem to stop.

As the United States since the Office Official Ride of the Obama Administration this European appeasement have appropriated and be restrained accordingly distinguished from the backyard of Old Europe is in the U.S. unfortunately do not expect even with an anti-fascist (military) intervention as it did in Afghanistan and Iraq. One would like to say to the American Commander in Chief: Take an example of your predecessor, the Man of Peace, and send your troops to liberate them from the yoke of Libya's Gaddafi dictatorship!


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