Friday, February 25, 2011

Sore Throat And Lots Of Phlegm

Honi soit qui mal y pense

The following extracts from a 'Mirror Online' report on the likely final days of the despot Muammar Gaddafi.

"painstakingly filmed Mustafa in the morgue of the hospital the dead Several of them have head shots, right between the eyes, the images from. where there are now many, prove that the rumors of snipers, are used against the demonstrators are true. "Gaddafi has said his own people to war," says Mustafa, "every day above his faithful war crimes against us, and the whole world is watching passively. "

Mustafa pleads with the present television journalists to spread the pictures in the West. There, he says, Governments must understand the last, that the Libyan people needed urgent help. He can run a different video. Before the hospital several jeeps can be seen. African mercenaries on them in different uniforms, drive through a crowd of people. Again and again they shoot into the air - and on the demonstrators.

not only for Mustafa, these images are the proof that Gadhafi - after much of the army of the regime opponents defected are - literally thousands of unscrupulous mercenaries into the country has brought to defeat the protests with lethal force "(Source: ' mirror. online ')

show this cruel reports that a military intervention from outside in antifascist mission now just need doing. Since Europe, the ghosts will no longer matter, which has caused it, once again stand on the sidelines and about the Germans (and especially the Social Democrats), which belong to the Italians in the worst of the collaborators of the Gaddafi regime, rather argue about trivialities like plagiarized theses, are at long last the United States of America demanded. The ideological thoroughly Europeanized Barack Hussein Obama must now at last, after having expressed himself yesterday for the first time ever, moderate and conciliatory, that is European, the situation in Libya, act and the anti-fascist U.S. forces give the order for Libya to free themselves from the fascist dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi. The 40 ships, 175 aircraft and 21,000-strong U.S. Sixth Fleet , which is stationed in the Mediterranean, have to fly bombing targeted against the Gaddafi institutions to take to sea, the Gaddafi's institutions in the crosshairs, and finally land the Gaddafi thugs and the Gaddafi clan for battle harmless and answer before U.S. courts for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

'Spiegel Online', one of the most strident voices in the German speaking against the anti-fascist war against Iraq, Saddam Hussein stated,:

"As intense as Gaddafi has probably been only Saddam Hussein in Iraq trying to censor the truth about his country. (...) With a last brutal counter-attack, the fear in any case the opposition committee in the east of the country, wants to Gaddafi may rear up one last time against the revolt. "

Now, if even 'Spiegel Online' finally see through the rogue Gaddafi added would have to follow really practical consequences.


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