Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Long Does It Take For Ativan To Expire

I go home .... Morgan

On Friday I got no class. ^ ^ I'm glad that I will see my sister and friends. If they have not seen together, here's a photo of Kristen (my sister) and me. and also because it is so sweet ...
I'm on the left side. I think we had a half year (18 months).

I can not wait to see my friends. Unfortunately, they almost always work and musical practice. well, what can you do?

I hope that they have a little free time, because Lancaster is so boring .... There is a shopping center and a park, but since the amount of times I go .... But I look forward to the food. My mom can cook really well. It must be said not that it is quite better than the Essse Pryz.

Now I must go, so I can pack up ... but if they want, here are a few photos of the people that I'm sure I'll see.
This is Taylor, my best friend. That was the day that I came to CUA.

This is Dan. He is like my brother, I've never had. He was in DC for a school Excursion.

you are Brandon and Sarah. Brandon is my ex-boyfriend, and Sarah is a friend of mine (and Brandon's other ex-girlfriend.) We are all friends and it's so much fun when we are together.
well, they (taylor, dan, brandon and sarah) are the reason why I go home.
until next time ..


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