Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spdif Audi From Tv To Tuner

Go to my loved ones mas!

long, long time ago, I know almost no more ... because i have written what daham to my guidance, the love. Now it's so far, and therefore the same gscheit HObt eh ... A little more time? It is so vii happened, i hope that a savvy each ois ... I probiers and synthesis of zom most important, those who know Wed know that i of the net but could be's ... ZVUE custody, might fetch me from nothing, rises out afoch ausm I-net! NET I notice forfeit so familiar as a verifiable net with me ... So! enough of the rhymes, sunst schlofts ma jo same start at the beginning of one ... So I

chronologically with the most recently passed, because the simple present no ma is the most ... so yesterday. A few people ausm dormitory were at a concert in the "body" and it was just great! I have seen and heard a band whose live performance was just incredibly good and also from the the CD is really successful, for my taste. So, the band "Munich" and is called from Denmark ... i think the country is pretty slow in the Ranks of my favorite countries to be included ... as much as yesterday.
On Monday we were back on a trip with our professor Eggert unbeatable ... funny this man! Well, we visited a Vulcankrater and a cave. He would cancel the trip (drizzled) because a bissi has been raining and foggy was it a bit ... but we have it then it can be persuaded to make one!
Aja white net that is've already mentioned, but the Icelanders can, contrary to expectations, by net deal with bad weather ... at the slightest rain, were already all at home and in snow, the bus is totally empty, because neither the 2 minutes from the house to go to the bus stop wants. If you take 3 stops by bus to drive or walk some distance to go walk that takes longer than 10 minutes to complete, is ma so and so as to declare crazy ... Our dear Eggert has ordered a taxi to a Museum to drive that 15 minutes' walk away. It would have driven a bus there, but that has simply refused ... typical Icelandic!
Thus, for the weekend then ... nothing exciting happened ... we were in the dormitory, but we then sheared net where to go else. It was then full of funny, because a Finnish woman was babbling in a fit of acute fatigue only nonsense and just plain fun unlikely ... was so funny ... and aja, then on Sunday hamma all wanted done together a breakfast break with pancakes, fruit etc
5 people ausm student residence on Wednesday a week ago to Greenland buzz off, but it has been is nothing, because no pilot has dared Greenland to fly, because such a sch .... Weather. Are you still there! Aja, the weather really changes every 5 minutes! At the old Icelandic saying, "Is the weather bad, wait 5 minutes, it gets worse! drann is really a lot of truth. This is really incredible ... I'm still quite blown away like this ... imagine the ma si no net ... one minute snows that the sow shudder, then just as the sun shines from the sky, they melt away the snow lying on the ground, although still snowing! Then 5 minutes later ... ... Wind ... has recently gone so bad the Balsius to me, without fail ... has blown, the lens ausm eyes in !!!!! And. We sin mim gfahren bus and when a person is out of the car is WUP addressed and it was gone ... just blown away ... he really can do net believe ma .. but the is quite inspired fear ... so lean against the wind with the whole weight (is the way, become even more ... because my damn (e) a true love Mitwohnerin Regina Küchenfee is ...), no problem! Stupid is then but only if he suddenly net more blows ... I'm so scho wehtan failed!
Well, then again 5 minutes later ... rain ... rain ... rain ... a lot of real! And, what I very much love ... fog !!!!! The mood in this country is really really great and sometimes overwhelming, simply leave because the fog and the wind and then the sun all look like this wonderful! So, I can say now, Iceland is definitely worth a visit ... for my feeling!

So now, but more in the chronology:
Thursday before a week: Concert in the "Nasa"! Icelandic band: Hjaltalinn ... great! I like hats ...
Monday a week ago: Trip ... with Eggert ... again ... and ... we got stucked in the snow ... The story about this: we went out from Reykjavik ... dirt road ... 2 feet of snow ... plates with some signs on the anything with snow and risk have had to do ... but well, the Eggert has gmeint he has a car with extra 4Radantrieb taken, this must go ... The road was very, very steep and very hung ... everyone was in the car and was slightly stretched to his / her life feared ... because our dear Eggert Not so the snow skiers is ... he had the uncomfortable talent, always choose the gefählrichsten part of the road ... The Finns have also said ... We are having to survive ... after 10 minutes we had reached our destination, the hotspot (Vulcannebenstellen) arrived ... and then ... at the parking lot that is ... we get stuck ... (i can, he'd jo net have to drive in deep snow, especially because there was next to all snow-free ... but Wuascht)!
The Finns and Austrians, we have experienced snow as it unites our nations know ... but nothing has helped ... No to have i gsehn that the net 4Radantrieb was a damn .. but ... this: we need help! But ... we were so far away from civilization, none of the phones worked ... End of the story: after 5! Hours us a broken car has pulled out of the snow. But the hotspot was cool! The water is heated by the so-called private branch Vulvcane and then simmer 60-70 degrees C. away. The colors are really the madness .. by the sulfur in colors everything: the snow (yellow-orange-red-brown), the Earth (red-brown-amber), water (blue-green-turquoise) great !!!!!
So the next few events I've described in the next blog ... do only one thing: NEVER AGAIN
ram's testicles!!!

The night hike on the mountain "Eyas" was really overwhelming! One of the highlights of my recent modest life!

AND: I'm fine! I experience here a great time, I will certainly never forget in my life and influenced me a bit now! Although I have so many things and especially people miss much from home, I've never felt homesick and I hope it can be a little long in coming!

Sjaumst god kvölt, daginn Goldan Lisa


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