Thursday, February 14, 2008

Congrats To My Friend On Your Engagement

Monty Python's Flying Circus and later, yes ... fairy

And Now: For something completely different .....

The Pythons could not speak German To speak but they have made 2 Episodes in German. It's typical British humor. I find it totally cool.

was perhaps my favorite fairy tale "Cinderella." I mean the Disney version. I can talk to each word. (Sorry, no?) The story and the songs I've liked. I think the mice are also super sweet. I have a cuddly toy, the Gus (one of the mice) is.

I love the story, but I have problems with what happened. A man injects into a woman, but they have only met a couple of hours .... and they know their names ..... and the man wants to marry the woman .... jmdn sees a problem? But, as with all Disney movies, these facts do not matter. how? I do not know. well, it has a good moral that love can endure through everything.

my favorite fairy tale was second "Beauty and the Beast" (Extra points: The person's mood was Mrs. Potts, the original Mrs. Lovett of "Sweeney Todd") For me, "Beauty and the Beast" and "Cinderella" very similar. songs with love, speak the things which should not .... The stories have given me worlds, I could go if I did not want to "here" to stay. What can I say again? They were an important part of my childhood.

To Nights times ....


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