Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome Note For New Baby

you are here .....

The Germans came on Thursday after the U.S.. That made me super happy. I've met with her at Philly International Airport. They were so tired, but it was fun. Because they have never seen our school buses , they have found it funny. You have made many pictures of it. We (the amis, <--- d.h. amerikaneren) finden das natürlich kommisch.

3 hours later we arrived at my high school. My old school has about 2400 people. The Paul-Gerhardt-Gymnasium (your school) has about 600 people and this is from the eighth grade until the thirteenth .... you were in "Shell Shock to say."

did on Saturday in Doni hung with my host sister. It was totally fun. She came to my house and my parents and sister has made. It was a . Doni bit to understand them, because they talked so fast We both had no problems because we only spoke German..) We went to Lancaster Country I wünche me that we have had more than a day, but nja, I'll take what I can get.


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