Sunday, March 9, 2008

You Are Playing A Non Final

Kaera Austurríki!!

February My second blog is a bissl late, but eh scho know, time is scarce as in Iceland! Shortly
the latter events:
Þorrablót ...
traditional Icelandic food ... yes i will really net to be rude, but CURRENCY, so what did i eat no grayish niiiiieeeee. From rotten shark to Schafszechn, sheep head, to the grande finale, the ram's testicles. I was in tears and the pass very, very close! But the Regina poke with knife and fork in a halved sheep's head, seeking the flesh to see, a scho ...
extremely guate image so that A had got hold of it wos, have ia photo of it online.
Vulcano and Kraterlein:
Scholars zeimlich Guat! First, you climb a steep, slippery (because of the loose lava stones) Hang up and at once ... oops ... it gets as about 50 meters in depth. there it is on quite dizzy! Well, joking aside. It really is unimaginably beautiful! In addition, the weather was like in a picture book containing ... for my circumstances. Very foggy and damp ... really uncomfortable ... Iceland guaranteed! Overwhelming! The lava was indescribable ... many colors from deep black, to blue and violet to purple. Great! And that Sigur Rós ... ha!
Gullfoss is a waterfall in the southern islands ... i can even describe how great it was. Überwätigend, breathtaking, perhaps, but that's not enough! And the sound ... the same!
to explain. Geysers are known as hotspots, hot springs, whose water with 70-100 degrees Celsius bubbles to himself. The most active of which is probably the so-called "Strokkur" which on a good day, explodes every 5-10 minutes and blows a jet of water from 20-30 feet into the air. It looks like this, that the water to bubble up in the hole and jiggle up and down start to move and the ever-steaming. Then after about 5-10 minutes, the water bulges up and the "outbreak" is followed. With a loud hiss then the water spout shoots into the sky! Quite guat! Real believes mas, which is at 100th Plays no net fad!
Yes and we were still in
Iceland was formed by the collision of two plates. One plate is American, the other European origin. created by the collision of these two continental plates a small island ... Iceland.
These two plates are now even more clearly distinguished from each other ... of course, is the much higher European Kloa ... eh ... It's pretty impressive, because you can walk between the two plate parts and one on either side of a 15-20 meter high, black stone wall is surrounded. The tourist attraction, the bridge from one to the other plate is, I find, anfoch only a tourist attraction, but jo!
And very pleasant is that Iceland required for any of the "natural wonder" entry. But before everything else is expensive enough!
So much on the situation in Iceland ... now start will be a the Besucherei what means that i get around much in the near future becoming, which is great, but means that the next few blogs are long, but certainly a little time in coming.

Until then, all love of the polar bear, aka Mrs. Viking!


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