Sunday, March 23, 2008

Swedish Meatballs Dish

Sun, a blog for March!

I'm hard and attended grad! Must! I therefore be brief in my report! On Friday is my dad flew home, my Chris and my cousin Yesterday it. And next comes the Wochner Katl Hagemann, yippieh! Zwiemlich dam safety is ... Weather. Drizzling rain, wind and O. .. kolt! In addition, safety is Páskar dag (Easter) and is celebrated with similar intensity as Christmas. Therefore, we have integrated scho mol zwa have to pay a taxi. Damn Sch ... and no ham dazua de aura as to dam ... Feriertagstarif pig ... so expensive! No more expensive than eh scho is! But enough of the dam ... Sunday, Back to the perfect Saturday and Friday and Thursday! On Wednesday
want ma us borrow a car, which is, without a credit card issued by us old-fashioned Austrian (Dad, Chris and I say) of course no one than not that proves chillig. The whole thing is then in a 6 stundige degenerate no-credit-car-rental company-search operation, in which we with so around each dam ... Bus drove in all of Reykjavík ... And then ... we have found one: But we had to deposit 100 000 crown deposit ... what are the equivalent of about 1000 € ... well, what the hell, we did not want to be stuck the next 3 days in Reykjavik, so hats lifted off my dad ... We also: Car, Download! Since it was time now but have to pick my cousin ... we immediately went out to the BSI ... After a 1 1 / 2 hour, very funny waiting time (my dad's hot si gschomt), then came my cousin (Dagi) and we set off towards home. and then ... the question i Dagi So by the way: "You host, you actually a credit they ?"------ Korten: "Jo safely lifted i ane!" ha i you want to soum ois sunst woa, is eh Wuascht when Sou is ma de to local net gheat ...
Golden Circle Tour: Geysir-Gullfoss-Vulcano-Thingvellir
Eh as beautiful as usual, but the wind is real, the Geysir hot net amal sprayed into the air, but in all sorts of other directions, including in our a ... Two thumbs up! We Woan Sun about a completely bissl noss! but Di Sunn gscheint still hot ... aja, and we thought the trail of the so-called "Icelandic highlands-mole" (the net gints really) seen, but as Papa us hot de Thori net gonz obgkauft! wuast ... but I notice I from slates!

After we have delivered my dad at the airport in Keflavik, sama drove in the direction of Reykjanes and our Leutchturmtour started. 4 beautiful lighthouses gsehn we have ... But the best was certainly the one that has gsehn ma from the street and a net ... eingzeichnet on any map is, which meant that we were there all alone ... and the Lighthouse is that is orange! Jo and then sama further and have found a very, very nice ... there was a bank in a wind protected spot on which we cooked two hours in the sun ... okay, I Was ... fried is perhaps a bissl exaggerated ... and then there was no ma in the Viking Village ... is holding pretty touristy, but still worth seeing!

Yesterday was the then-Akranes Borganes Tour (North) ... Akranes net is so intoxicating, but Borganes is beautiful ... Akranes but we have seen yet what permeable. There was so about 20 motocross riders on the beach sucked their Kranzerl ham, with a super jump!
Jo and then proceed sama easy for us ... but that was the best thing that can happen to us! So beautiful! Iceland Pure! Mountains, sea, steep streets ... wow! really great! But to the MUAs ia sogn ... so go there as a driver between gonz between the Schiach on ... before ollm without all-wheel drive ..

Yes and now is holding Sunday Pàskar a dag ... and we wern haun now be lazy!
So sjaumst à naesti timan!


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