Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ferris Bueller's Clothes

So, my dears!

mas go again. So much has happened. Has ma visit, ma, she looks a lot on here ... the most important stages of late: by year by recent events.

Last weekend we set out north, as if this ma da net eh scho. But this time we are even further towards spike. Snaefellness is a peninsula in northwest Iceland. The guide promises to be found on this peninsula to all that one can find in the rest of Iceland ... well, i can judge all net, no net since i have seen everything, you know, but it was a few things we has to expect there ...
a Vulcano was very nice, but there are more beautiful that I've seen.
a golden beach: gold, of course, is ausm guide, but it is scho ... so it indicates about a beautiful sandy beach with jet black stones. Behind cliffs Lawagestein ... hhhhmmmm was beautiful ... but the road there was a little bumpy ... and: the once decent wind, I was blown away my Haubsi!! Although i damn amal no even my trekking Jackenkaputze aufghabt'm over it ... wuppp, suddenly she was gone .... grrrr ... when i wind the net so much'd ...
a black beach: that was really beautiful. Jet-black shimmering stones and the open sea. This Lawabrocken of about 3-5 meters in height ... zeimlich impressive! And as a little treat, has also gescheint the sun!
a seal beach : yes, I've seen free-living seals on the beach ... san dei SIAS, de Dinger! really! and are contrary to expectations, no net swam away as we walked along the beach ... just a bissi retreated ...
a series of basalt towers: quite impressive and beautiful was the part of the Icelandic basalts.

Borganes and Akranes:
far from Reykjavík are these two towns. Akranes was not the Burner, but that was all the more beautiful Borganes ... a small town that was built into a mountain is. And there were also some of the beautiful back often described Modeschmackerl Islands. The greatest happiness that we had probably was, that we have lost our way ... we have destroyed us so gdacht shit ... but that's not ... it was wonderful-beautiful ... A fjord with Icelandic weather ... great!

I always swarm around a lot ... i hope there will be no net stale, my blog read ... i can understand! and no annoying is likely that i never post images online ... but i checks anfoch net ... with the technology and so ... ha l of water, typically Lisa, but mochn wos sull i! But i know even now why does the net ... i have wal ka photo-editing program thing, but in the meantime i have got the scho guate camera and hence the photo program ... so maybe, perhaps there .. so the next blog with pictures .

Until then, Be well, Lisa


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