Sunday, May 11, 2008

Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cakes Price

On 20 ... April we were riding ... yes, even I, as a bloody beginner ... The Just put one there on his horse and press one of the reins ... nothing with before riding exercises in the paddock or so ... well, who brauchtn of scho? So I not knowing the horse on friendship and a smile to the face ... losgeschritten Juhu! Lisa rides a horse ... to Iceland starting to trot ... I then got a "light" feeling of insecurity felt and cried like crazy ... I've thought of Survival I net ... and they know nothing else but the Touristenreitstallgäule Vordergaul sticking to the bottom and if one gallops, then ... so nothing was galloping all draw with reins or so ... ... .. jo failed. This is yet come, that my horse was the emergency horse which is gnommen only when others are gone Kane ... has si will be so expressed that my good old lady, always ride in the first place you want, because they usually always only stupid must be in their stable, so making them? ... always at the top ... and ... of course! ... In Trabb ... and I back up scared to death endured ...
that was not enough ... because it was just
scho so old, she was always thirsty. And every time we have crossed a river, they have somehow been drinking ... ... .... And drinking ... and drinking .... until she then noticed that the last are ma .... Damn it ... what makes them ...?? The Good ... scraping their hooves and starts to trot before ... in the damn ... that i have got back all of the states against amal, she was apparently Wuascht ... once she rammed another horse, then the umgfallen almost is ... well, to
Final ghabt hamas herausn zeimlich but we had two ... then the real fun ...
On April 18: we have a trip with our dear Professor Þórður made. It was a really good day with breakfast at his summer house, a farm visit, the visit of the museum's most famous Viking Islands Egil Skallagrimson "and the dinner in his apartment in Reykjavík.
Science-Trip: A trip has been organized by the Student Council ... like we saw a poster. With our fragile Icelandic we have just the words "Föstudagin (Friday)" and "skemmtileg (very funny)" understood. Well, we have signed ... and of course were then very surprised when we came from a school visit in the next (nice fad). But then, in the last school ... believe it or not ... an alcoholic ... breakfast was prepared. There was no anti-alcoholic drink is water ... had to ask ... yes, yes, skemmtileg ... the Icelandic students had no scruples about to get drunk at a school ...
Farm Tripp: Because four girls from the class (including the Regina and I) go to a farm, we went into the first weekend in April a farm exploration trip. Sheep, sheep and sheep again ... The Regina and I go to the North in the northwest, two farms, such as the Icelandic fairy tale book!

So, these were the main events of April. Right now I'm on the island tour ... just in Myvatn, inland to the north (it's snowing like crazy out there ;-)) ... the narrative material has accumulated to date (3rd day), would for 4 monthly blocks ranging ... Iceland is amazing!

So, Nordic Vikings Greetings from the Polar Bear with elves, trolls, hobbits and hidden people who love

respectfully, Lisa


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