Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Dear friends,

The customers who were with me know that is being considered in counseling and preliminary investigation the possibility that we treat hair transplantation and treated with the drugs can. Many of the patent intensity are not a good Hair replacement candidates that you like in this case, for example, below are a small fringe of hair (donor) and a major recipient zone. The relation is simply not true and the expectations of a person with 20-25 years is just higher than a patient with 30-40 years of age or older. A young man would not look different from their peers and act as the most current events. For future planning, they usually play little role, because they miss from their perspective, the development of sociological and "now" re-do the hair and not the age of 40. This suffering ends, as often the case with many customers, with fatal consequences. For young people who are not a candidate must reach a Consulting a lot of time to be taken. Easy cancellation means that they end up on the next consultant or hospital, where her hair transplantation will get.

hair transplant makes sense if you're a good candidate. Except that a false hair transplantation same distortion. A good hair transplant candidate is the one who (cur hair wreath / receiver zones and future) areas, hair texture (caliber, color, structure) and the density (number of follicular (FC) units per cm ², groupings of hair follicles (FU)) with the expectations of individuals is consistent and the whole is in good relation. The K-question (candidacy question) can we see explicitly in our pre-investigation phase.

I also let anyone alone when he's not a good candidate and treated with medication. No one may, however, believe that replaced the hair transplant, the medication can. Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery and hair loss continues, therefore, both treatments are run in parallel in order to be happy in the end.

This customer came to me to get a hair transplant. He is 22 years old and the skull was completely miniaturized. The long hair was not in a position to grow and were also very thin. He believed, like all other patients on any success and this customer He gave hope. Although he was in the spotlight (must show no face) is, it is important to make others hope and may even publish his pictures.

The hair everywhere have reached a certain caliber, and I think we in the near future open agencies also get covered. I hope he will in the next update, his hair short again and we still can judge better.


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