Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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During the search results you shall focus on the ability of the physician. In addition to the choice of doctor for the result contributes to their own hair texture and the transplanted area. Someone with thin hair can develop after 6-7 months, no hair the same caliber as someone with thicker hair. In general, the result is always at least 12 months prior to 18 months.

It is therefore important to get a good planning before the operation. Depending Haarbeschafenheit and the surfaces must have a minimum capacity can be planned and strategically placed. It does, unfortunately, not good planning if the planning is not this doctor can transpose.

The following questions are important:

be taken with what instruments? Can he see with 0.75 mm?

How much he can see via Graft FUE? Is his standard procedure 1500-2000 grafts or 3000? In order to reap

3000 or more grafts, its transaction rate must be very low. Otherwise you just can not get out the number of graft. If you have a scar that will decrease the number of grafts via FUE. Here again the size of the scar also plays a role.

dive Recently two legends, which is asserted again and again. It is interesting that the two legends are in contradiction.

first asserted, that strip (FUT) fouling rate would have been better as FUE.

is the second claim, that short period of storage would get better with FUE fouling rate. Here, it is estimated that about 200-300 grafts is repotted after a short storage, and transplanting is usually on the day of 600 grafts. Sounds like the first time very logical and convincing.

Dr. De Reys or Dr. Bisanga transplanted to the 1500 grafts via FUE daily, which means, in other words, the grafts were stored for longer. If it really the case, could the strip grafts have very bad fouling rate as they are stored for much longer than the 1500 FUE grafts.

Yes ... but, FUE grafts is so sensitive and FUT grafts not? :)

The trick is simple: It's intact grafts, if intact, were removed without root damage, reasonable & a cool, they will grow even , no matter what method.

reality shows now that it is not the method but the executive body responsible for fouling rate.


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