Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Artisan Oven For Sale

We are only what we remember.

It does not happen often, but I'm sick. nja, what can you do?

There are 50 days until the Germans come here! I can not wait ... Here is a photo of Doni (My host sister) and me. That was my last day in Germany.

I miss her.

We have gone from Paul Gerhardt Gymnasium to Schoenefeld. We have tried to say for an hour "Goodbye." It was so hard .... They were more than our friends .... they were like our family ...

It was almost totally fun. But, like all things, it had to come at the end. are

them as here, I will see them 3 times. For me, this is not good ... Genung but I can do nothing about it .... it's better than nothing ... I will try to be happy.

Until Later ... I have to make the hg. : (


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