learned the third part of Twilight fans finally offered something from the past life of Rosalie Cullen Nikki Reed alias (22) . The beautiful vampire tells the story of the mortal Bella (Kristen Stewart , 20) in a quiet moment that she would give anything about being a man. Reed has long since won the hearts of the Twilight audience and was with her vampire role to become the celebrated star. Despite the fame, the film told blonde but now that they would like to switch to the competition.

If one can call the U.S. vampire series True Blood because in fact as a rival of Twilight, finally, there is much more brutal and mysterious too. Nevertheless, the actress is determined to be part of this dark story. "I would do everything possible to to get a guest role on the show " she told MTV . After all, the 22-year-old has a good rapport with one of True Blood 'actress, for Deborah Ann Woll (25) it is indeed present for the film "Catch 44" together in front of the camera.

Reed already has a plan on how they could have a chance in the series: "I will visit them during the shooting, so completely random, and say: Hello, how are you going? That would be funny because I'm in Twilight. I do not know if they received it, but I know I already set the scene. "
she has little interest in playing again a vampire, so it floats, meanwhile, remains a role as a werewolf. Then they would have almost all forms of nocturnal horror!