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Pattinson Twilight: Robert Pattinson interview in Elle - Vanity Fair photos

The 24-year-old Robert Pattinson known from the Twilight Saga, gave the Japanese edition of the magazine "Elle" is a short interview while some new and very attractive photos Robert Pattinson as can be seen from outtakes of a shooting for the magazine "Vanity Fair".

The new outtakes from the British actor Robert Pattinson from "Vanity Fair" photo shoot know quite convincing, showing the charming British Pattinson in various interesting poses, and to register once again that the performer of the vampire "Edward Cullen" quite model possesses qualities.

This does not mean that Robert Pattinson is the absolute heart-throb because, contrary to many "Sexy Beast" voting and elections "Sexy Man", not all women and girls so impressed by the look of a Robert Pattinson, wherein both views can divide.

During the scans of the "Elle" with the interview of Robert Pattinson from Japan not to publish, should because the legal situation in Japan is pretty intense in this relationship, see the beautiful pictures of the British actor from the "Vanity Fair" shoot, why there is such a "hype" for large and small to "celebrity gossip" there. .


would have certainly known the magazine pictures and outtakes from Robert Pattinson can also use, for less than the then published photos Rob Pattinson these photos are unlikely.

is Still the interview with the Japanese edition of the magazine "Elle" quite interesting, because it is expressed but not Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart about what you can not anyway (more) expected, but speaks about his daily life with the paparazzi. to be pursued on the issue of the magazine, whether it would be hard and tiring day from dozens of photographers, tells Robert Pattinson, that he really should see it so easily.

It would be the easiest method, according to Robert Pattinson's statement if he would think with all these photographers only do these "pictures only for magazines "- so to speak, all so bad, because" we simply told the truth and let it run. "

But surrounded by 50 Paparazzos 24 hours a day to be, even for Robert Pattinson almost as pleasant and as reported in the Twilight Star by his bad habit with crazy faces in front of the paparazzi connect. Humorous adds the Twilight Cast Pattinson then also the fact that he "should make better faces for the paparazzi photos" in the future.

The 24 year old Pattinson, who reported as an introduction to the interview that most fans of vampire "Edward Cullen" and not because he would yell and scream personally, this view perceives to be quite practical, because thus it is for him to handle as the star of "simple, with all the hysteria."

On his character of the vampire "Edward Cullen" in which known to be in love "Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), is Robert Pattinson, as he tells of" Elle "(Japan), the most beautiful, feels that" Edward modest " and would probably only one can connect.

The most exciting part of this interview with Robert Pattinson is actually the part as Robert Pattinson on his job states and explains why he constantly would rotate new movies, because while you could read the above answers already few times in one way or another, tells Robert Pattinson with it, that it assumes that the hype around him will surely subside.

Thus Robert Pattinson says at the end of the "Elle" (JP) interviews that there would be at a vacation from him even more paparazzi photos and so he prefers to stay on the ball and made films - "until the paparazzi tired of it, follow him always. "

This, he believed Robert Pattinson should "arrive in the coming years," and one can hope for him and Kristen Stewart only to be the case , wherein it is certainly in the orbit of the two years to always give more photographers.

source: vip


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