Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Kristen Stewart is happy thanks

Kristen Stewart (20) is much more open and happy when her boyfriend Robert Pattinson (24) in the vicinity.

The two "Twilight" stars are about two years together and during the charming Brit is well with the mega-deal success, Stewart often at odds with the many paparazzi who pursue them at every turn. Currently, there is the young actress for filming in Montreal and her colleagues were extremely surprised how it changed Stewart, as her lover was advancing to the surprise visit, "It was a pleasure to Kristen to see them laughing and jokes making - she was like another person, " An eyewitness described the transformation of the Starlets to the British "More" magazine. Rumor has a hard time behind the couple.

The "Twilight" dream pair. / -

Pattinson would be happy moving to New York, while Stewart would much rather stay in Los Angeles. But appear to have the two agreed to try to stay in California: "There was a certain tension between them, as Rob talked to escape LA and move to New York to do," added an insider. But when Robert flew to Montreal to surprise them solved all the problems in air. I guess he had been thinking about peace, he realized that he, as much as he would live in New York, but nowhere he would "be without Kristen, analyzed the source added Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.



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