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"Honeymoon" by Stewart Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in danger

filming of Breaking Dawn

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the two stars of "Twilight" saga may well not yet celebrated their honeymoon as a vampire couple. The filming of "Breaking Dawn" in Brazil threatens the basis of a brutal kidnapping in Rio de Janeiro to burst.

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Photo: AFP
Robert Pattinson is a real heartthrob.

Only recently is "Eclipse", published the third installment of the hit "Twilight" saga in the cinema and the fans can now wait even barely see at last even a fourth of the vampire story to the screen. But as it stands, it turns out with the filming of "Breaking Dawn" in Brazil is currently difficult because it was in Rio de Janeiro in the last few weeks have repeatedly been violent riots. A group of gangsters from the drug scene had taken a few days ago 35 guests from the Intercontinental Hotel as hostages. When the police finally was able to liberate the people, ended the argument for a gang member fatally.

According to information the Internet portal "" the police have the production company Summit Entertainment now encouraged to look for new locations and to refrain from building a movie set around Rio de Janeiro. Actually it was planned that Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson and his Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, the honeymoon of their wedding, which took place in the fourth part, finally, to spend on a deserted island off the coast of Brazil to faithfully recreate the scenery book.

But as it looks, the two stars have their wedding night, in the Bella Incidentally, is pregnant, but may spend on another beautiful spot. One thing is at least quite possible that the filming will take place in "Breaking Dawn" still somewhere in South America. A spokesman from Summit Entertainment, said on "": "We have considered all the time about the possibility of parts of" Breaking Dawn to take place in Brazil. That is why we are still in finding other locations in the country. "

one glimmer of hope is there more that the fans, despite some difficulties and delays but still the first physical witness the approach of the nice guy and his girl friend. Finally, the "Twilight" trailer now were also very patient. In the first three parts of the saga, it had indeed been the most a tender kiss between Edward and his somewhat chaotic smart Bella. In the fourth, final part happened but suddenly everything at once: marriage, sex, pregnancy, and the all-important bite, the Edward and Bella finally makes an immortal couple. (NSCH)



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