Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ideas Write Christening Card

Robert Pattinson is the sexiest man in the world

vampires and werewolves in women are currently in great demand

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Robert Pattinson / GQ South Africa

David Beckham and Brad Pitt can pack! The Glamour magazine gave its readers choose the very weltsexiesten men, but managed the usual suspects do not even yet in the Top 10! The latest trend shows a strong preference for the female sex mysterious and shady characters, that's for sure.

Robert Pattinson finished foremost place, followed closely by Twilight -adversary Taylor Lautner . Third place went in turn to a vampire: Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries drove a bronze - then followed again a few Twilight-Cast: Xavier Samuel and Kellan Lutz landed at number four and five. At least Johnny Depp made it as veteran vampire and without experience as a sexy number six in the top 10, just before - just imagine - Justin Bieber !

David Beckham was just 21 Place won for himself, Brad Pitt was from last year's third to the 33rd Rank refused, and very similar happened to George Clooney . What's going on? Are simply more mature men out? At Glamour, we know what it is: Dark figures will tame just like vampires are the epitome of the bad boys, the woman tells a journalist, and we need to be somehow right.

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