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Kristen Stewart be good

Twilight-Bella wants away from the innocent image

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Kristen Stewart has apparently really tired of playing the innocent in person. No, we do not mean that their statements are evasive when it comes to the relationship with Robert Pattinson . The Twilight-Bella but has reportedly tired of the good character of her movie character.

Can you blame them? During show Ashley Greene Nikki Reed and the megahit sometimes a few rough edges, Bella has always loved beautiful and remain innocent. The only thing they allowed themselves, their vacillation between Taylor Lautner and celebrity gossip. This is why the actress away from their choice of roles of the vampire saga so well cut it on the wall and prove that it passes as a Bad Girl.

This one could already see in The Runaways. In the film, she mimes a rock musician with attitude and snogs even Dakota Fanning from. In Welcome to the Rileys she goes a step further and shows itself as underage stripper who hires the wildest things. In the trailer below you can see a detail with her, in the heavily made up and it looks pretty down. Pretty brave, we can find. After all, white Kristen Stewart not know whether their Twilight fan base will be excited by such a change. Bella said supporters are so loyal that no Stirpper role in the world could make Kristen unpopular.

it finds that to love Kirsten Stewart as Bella and good to come off? Would you like to see her in a slightly more violent role? source



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