Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Taylor Lautner: Cover of TodaTeen magazine

While the Brazilian magazine "TodaTeen" on the cover with the "new" Miley Cyrus and thanks to "Camp Rock 2" and Demi Lovato has represented , it would be more interesting for Twilight fans that one on the cover of the allowed to see sympathetic actor Taylor Lautner.

The 18 year old Taylor Lautner adorns not only the beautiful cover of "TodaTeen" magazine from Brazil, but in the new September issue of course there are more photos and an interview with the popular actor from the Twilight Saga.

This concerns in an interview with Taylor Lautner Twilight to his colleagues as Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson and , with comment on the young Hollywood star also about his family and the new Hollywood projects including "Abduction" expected.

For many people, fans of Taylor Lautner it be it a shame that people can buy the magazine with an extra side dish of a poster of Taylor Lautner poorly here in Germany, for if the poster has been only half as good as the sexy cover of the Twilight Star it would certainly be for many fans the Twilight Saga is a nice thing and perfect for one or the other wall in the apartment.

Unfortunately, the interview with Taylor Lautner by the "TodaTeen" magazine little information so you do not know yet exactly what Taylor Lautner told at the end really. The cover and leave their information but to conclude that in the end nothing really "new" might be what has betrayed Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner - TodaTeen Brasilien

Source: TwiFans.com

After all, it honors the actor Lautner, that it the 40,000, - has donated U.S. dollars for its action against the caravan rental McMahon's RV at the end of a charitable organization and as far as we know It went according to the information obtained from the "Team Jacob" (storage Lautner) never really about the love of money in this lawsuit.

is also "emotional stress" one of the boxes, which is filled with such actions as standard in the U.S., so you should check off the topic with the young diva Taylor Lautner and really forget.

Taylor Lautner is like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson still pretty much at the bottom left and this may be one of the reasons why these three actors are from the Twilight Saga in such demand and popular. Certainly, there are still tens of others here, deciding to give more reasons and facts why these actors created such a hype, but one of the most positive may well be that in addition to her charm (still) do not have the allure of a Hollywood star.

Certainly, one could mention some details that could refute this, but there are always just two sides of a story.

source: vip chicks.de


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