Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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Nikki Reed Twilight Breaking Dawn is the most important family reunion

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it is on MTV found recently some parts of the interview, the Nikki Reed, Rosalie Hale in Twilight , has led to them.
Nikki Reed says she is very much looking forward to seeing her with all my colleagues on the set for the filming of Twilight Breaking Dawn .

"Just to see all back together. We have them [the films] now for a few years made, and this year seems really fast to be passed. "

Apart from the press appearances for Twilight Eclipse had Nikki Reed their fellow actors since then have not so often seen in the recent years has been the case, which is due to the fact that they are simply asked a lot. It has simply become more difficult.

"We are all gone off and had other jobs," Sun Nikki Reed . "After the first Twilight movie I have found that we were all sitting around in LA and said, 'Hey, should not we work a lot? We should not open doors? " We spent a lot of time together, and last year I've really seen anyone do. "

most pleased to Nikki Reed out the" family "again to see. "back Just go and get on with the family to be together because we all have very much, and I think we are sad that this all comes to an end."

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