Sunday, September 5, 2010

Korean Movie-the Hypnotized Watch Online

Taylor Lautner donates after won court case $ 40,000 does not want a children's charity

"Twilight: Eclipse" star Taylor Lautner took legal action against a mobile home manufacturer and then by a court of law get . It was in this case a luxury caravan, the Taylor Lautner for the rotation of "Abduction" had ordered, which was not, however, delivered on time.

Supposedly the owner of the company, Brent McMahon, Taylor Lautner have made the proposal to decide the case with a competition to - who makes the most push-ups ! LOL! Lautner's attorney should have called this proposal as a "lack of professionalism."

to the erstrittenen $ 40,000 donated Taylor Lautner on the way, the children's charity "Lollipop Theater Network have. This organization ensures that children who leave the hospital for any reason to ever not be there to watch the latest cinema films.



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