Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma In Bubble Writing

Nikki Reed and Jennifer Garner are Pink Ladies!

In Hollywood, it is every night a different party, there is celebrated at every occasion. Yesterday it was for the 6th Time, the Pink Party celebrated, was Drai's W Holywood .

was the motto of the party is so clear, the color pink! Each of the guests at least tried to wear a pink item of clothing. Therefore fit most perfectly to the pink carpet.

Nikki Reed but had only a hint of pink on her dress, because they really should still work! Jennifer Garner had to offer as more color! But for that they had too much to chains, sometimes less is more!

But that does not apply to Michelle Trachtenberg that once saw the face off again like a ghost!

Denise Richards

Michelle Trachtenberg, again a lot of white in the face!



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