Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dry Red Flaky Skin On Dog

The Jesuits are to blame! Guido Knopp

What one finds not everything, if you search the Internet for the Jesuits. Evangelical circles clarify us so happy to know that the Society of Jesus is behind all the bad events in the world, such as First and Second World War, papacy, etc. Now we are informed that the brothers in black for the sinking of the Titanic are responsible . And this happened: There was once

that evil people in America wanted to establish a central bank to supply the Catholic Church even more money and to strengthen their global dominance. It so happened that in Belfast just a big ship was built. The Jesuits hated Belfast because it was Protestant. So they drew all opponents of the Federal Reserve on the Titanic and the ship could sink.
And if they are not dead .........

Our student minister, himself a Jesuit, has of course denied everything ;-)


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