Saturday, January 5, 2008

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hey dear!

we are! After a 30-hour trip, and I came regina at 4:01 in our apartment. The trip was great, although she was so damn long. The stopover in Copenhagen was really wonderful. 5 hours we wandered by this beautiful old city and found really great things and places. One of the wildest was a small coffee in a small street in the center. This, guided by an older lady coffee, had a great flair. We sat at an old window, next to the road and were able to follow events there. Everything was still geschückt Christmas and lighted. The coffee we got there was incredibly good! In addition, it cost only 50 cents incredible converted .. and no ... we were not charged. Then we went to Reykjavik. After a 3 hour flight we arrived in Keflavik Flugafen.
has a really classic rained ... our bags were all wet, but good! Our suitcase was indeed enough time to dry, because we spent some time .... 5 hours, but we were gwohnte ... Reykjavik by bus from Keflavik to, then with a really nice Lord our Iceland-Papa (Owner), after Klausturstígur where we live.

Our apartment is very large and very beautiful (brand new !!!)... if it is cleaned up, we also crevice of photos online ...;-) we have beds for an additional 4 people ... So, who wants us to visit is welcome! The only downside to this incredibly wonderful apartment is that it is outside the center of Reykjavik. We have to drive 25 minutes by bus To get to the center. Since we wanted to stay central, and not like us depend on buses and bus times, as with us at home in large or small Söding Nixi and again .. but well, the apartment makes it up to you!
About us Dutch people live two that will go with us in the class .. Tomorrow we will invite them to a coffee ... we're totally excited!

to Reykjavik ... this, we would like to start any cliché to Iceland to do not: it has 5 degrees +, it will be 4-5 hours of hell .. the fashion tastes of the Icelanders can sometimes buy much to be desired and in the supermarket is also no SchafKopf .. sorry ;-)...
the only that corresponds to the cliché, is the wind ... blows ... like there's no more tomorrow. During our backpacks from the shop not so hard, we would have to get trees each other of any, so strong it blows. can not be bound hood-bye to you only ... but since we're both like wind, is not that bad!
The city itself is beautiful. There is one main road that is beautiful. One finds there geschät one by one, the one unusual than the other. and great, sweet, small coffees.

now because ... that's it for now .. everything, everything dear ...

your and your lisa regina!


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