Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pobierz Kyubi Naruto 4 Tails Do Pivot

! you have stayed at home

After some people complained that i read nothing new, I do hereby that ... that you no news you heard from me, lies not so much that nothing new happened, but rather because i ka have time to write ... ohhh, the overly busy Lisa ... yawn ... well, in any case, the uni has scho skillful, which is really interesting. We have in fact really cool subjects with outdoor education and so on ... since moving ma Tues whole time in any parts of the country and look at things as a normal tourist sees ma net .. cool thing, huh? yes, and the other students inside (okay, it is just a student .. a french julien ... .. and the the is so funny, really means!) Well, well!
was on ma we go in Reykjavik city class (in the night my i), that was real! Icelanders san namely a bissi the party people! The Regina us, I have first to the dorm, where all have made. There was early ma then to about half past! and are then in the city ... now if anyone wonders why we are "so late" gone into the city first, I understand the good ... got ma of a thought, but somehow just is not addressed ... but was then suddenly the big break .. I then got the student house "mama" a Finn, the last 2 years scho live there and somehow everything in the hand has gfragt why ma so late in the city go ... which then gmeint that before the morning is, normally accessible only by 1.2 go into the city ... i can, do think i daham scho sometimes to the hamgehn, but damn ... all cases it is usual in Iceland real net 1.2 before to go away ... the really true, because ma foresees just no ... is very convenient because then net as much young veggie way is ... you know, what I mean? then stay away for so long ... The last round of our san went home at half past 8 ... very good!

Well, so much to go away ... next weekend, so on friday eh scho ma driving to Akureyri (north). where we stay the whole weekend. des is organized by the universities in Iceland every year since then all unis fahrn out of Iceland ... and there are so few gat net, as one might think ... So so in the art such as aerial schulschitag, only bigger and, fortunately, older Audience ... i think of is pretty coll .. It is also said to compensate for things like ;-) and drink free beer, which in Iceland is great because a beer costs in a local Sun about 6 € ... cheek!

so, I hope the curiosity of so many people now befreidigt is ... Love, your lisa

are aja, since so many ue and æ and ss, because the Icelandic keyboard umlauts and sharp s has ... ;-)


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